Fighting hunger through local community action

Minnesota FoodShare is a program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches (GMCC) that recruits thousands of people for the annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, the largest fund and food drive for local food shelves in the state, promotes growing healthy food and raises awareness about food insecurity, good nutrition, and access to government food programs.

Since 1982 Minnesota FoodShare has distributed over 16 million dollars to food shelves across the state through the March Campaign fundraising. Minnesota FoodShare also works at increasing access to fresh produce for food shelf users and to raise awareness of the critical importance of healthy food options for all people.

Additionally, Minnesota FoodShare educates the community about food insecurity and encourages legislators and other decision makers to lend a compassionate and objective voice to public policy debates that impact Minnesota families living in poverty.


The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign brings together various Minnesota organizations, businesses, and faith communities to help keep 300 food shelves statewide stocked throughout the year. The Minnesota FoodShare Harvest Campaign helps bring nutritious, fresh produce from individual and community gardens to local food shelves and raises awareness about the dietary health concerns impacting food insecure families. Pack the Pews is a featured weekend within the March Campaign and Harvest Campaign for places of worship to raise food and funds for local food shelves.

Advocacy & Education

Minnesota FoodShare brings together members of the anti-hunger community to exchange ideas and collaborate to address the challenge of food insecurity through educational workshops, anti-hunger resources, and food partner conferences. Throughout the year, we are strong advocates  at local, state, and national levels.

What We've Achieved

2015 March Campaign results:

  • 283 food shelves received food and funds
  • $7,466,969 raised for food shelves
  • $500,000 for Food Fund distribution 
  • 4,814,281 pounds of food 

2016 March Campaign results:

  • 309 food shelves received food and funds
  • $7,935,541 raised for food shelves
  • $380,000 for Food Fund distribution 
  • 5,226,890 pounds of food 

JOIN THE fight

Every year we coordinate the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, the largest food and fund drive in the state. With 300 food shelves to stock, we need you! 

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Minnesota FoodShare relies on donations from supporters like you for year-round fundraising, advocacy and education that address hunger issues in our state. Join us by donating today!

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