2019 March Campaign Food Shelf Registration

We are excited to partner with your food shelf for the 2019 March Campaign. Please carefully review the Participation Agreement and Register via the button below.

New to the March Campaign? Contact Minnesota FoodShare!

Food Shelf Participation Agreement

All food shelves participating in the 2019 Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Is a nonprofit corporation or is affiliated with a nonprofit corporation, maintaining 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

    • NEW March Campaign participants - Provide Minnesota FoodShare with a current copy of your 501(c)(3) letter status other proof of tax-exempt status by February 8, 2019 (If you have submitted a 501(c)(3) or other tax-exempt status documentation to Minnesota FoodShare in 2018 or prior, you DO NOT need to submit again.).

    • If you are a new food shelf or have not received tax-exempt status, please contact Minnesota FoodShare.

  • Is a member food shelf in good standing with your regional food bank (ex. Second Harvest/Feeding America, The Food Group, etc.).

    • Agrees to monitoring requirements of your food bank.

    • Meets the sanitation and storage requirements of your regional food bank.

    • Keeps monthly statistics on the number of children, adults, and seniors served and the pounds distributed, and reports these statistics monthly to your food bank. An individual cannot be counted as having received services unless they have received at least a two-day supply.

  • Does not charge for or barter food.

  • Provides a minimum of 2-day food supply (3 meals per day/per person) to clients with each food order.

  • Will report to Minnesota FoodShare the number of clients receiving food shelf services during the past year. Number should be duplicated to reflect number of visits each year.

  • Will actively participate in the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign by engaging local community organizations, faith communities, businesses, civic groups, schools, individuals, and media to raise food and dollars for the food shelf.

  • Will weigh all food shelf items and count all dollars donated to your food shelf during the March Campaign.

  • Will report all food and dollars donated to your food shelf two times during the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. See reporting guidelines HERE.

    • Report mid-campaign amounts on 3/20/19

    • Report total cumulative amounts by 4/10/19

  • Will use the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign logo in your food and fund drive.

  • Will use your Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign allocation check to purchase items to be distributed to clients via your food shelf only.

A Minnesota FoodShare allocation check will be mailed directly to your food shelf the first week of August. Keep receipts of purchases made with Minnesota FoodShare allocation funds. You are subject to auditing by Minnesota FoodShare and the Greater Minneapolis Community Connections.


Prefer to complete a paper Registration Form or print a copy of the Participation Agreement?

download Participation Agreement | Download Registration form

download reporting guidelines

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